Apple Watch 4

Are you waiting for something different from Apple relating smartwatches? Well, you had it. Apple had been striving hard to make more desirable watches since past many years and now it has released the ‘Apple Watch 4’ which has an upgraded design and most appealing features to attract the user interest.Apple Watch 4

Apple watch 4 has been re-designed to improve user’s activities relating health maintenance. It has maintained the original iconic design and achieved many upgrades in its software and hardware. The amazing display is 30 percent larger and fits in smaller case. The new interface gives us more details and authentic ones. It has upgraded material for Watch’s case and comes in new color with larger screens. It has improved the communication and health of its users. It’s able to detect falls and electric heart rate sensor can make ECG using new ECG app. Isn’t that amazing!!!

 Watch 4 Release date:

Apple watch 4 came out on September 21st and now you can buy it easily. It was released with the ‘iPhone XS’ and ‘iPhone XS Max’.

Apple Watch 4 Specifications:

Apple watch 4 has the upgraded design and following specifications:

Watch 4 Network:

Apple Watch 4 uses GPS and Cellular network for improved communication.


Apple Watch 4 was launched on September 2018. Its available to buy.

Apple Watch 4 Body:

Dimensions:      44 x 38 x 10.7 mm (1.73 x 1.50 x 0.42 in)

Weight:               48 g (1.69 oz)

Stainless Steel:

It comes in three colors.

  1. Silver
  2. Space Black
  3. Gold


It also comes in three colors:

  1. Silver
  2. Space Black
  3. Gold

Apple Watch Nike+ comes in silver and space gray aluminum.

Watch Hermes comes in polished stainless steel.

Apple Watch 4 SIM:                    Electronic SIM card (Apple e-SIM).

Apple Watch 4 Display:

Watch 4 comes in two display sizes as follow:

  1. 44mm
  • It is 368 by 448 pixels.
  • It has 977 sq. mm display area
  1. 40mm
  • It has 324 by 448 pixels
  • It has 759 sq. mm of display area
  1. LTPO OLED Retina display with Force touch
  • 1000 nits brightness.

Apple Watch 4 Chip:

  1. S4 with 64-bit dual core processor.
  • It has processor 2 times faster than other watches.
  1. W3
  • It has Apple Wireless chip.

Apple Watch 4 Power

  • contains Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery Up to 18 hours.
  • has a Magnetic charging cable
  • has a USB power adapter


  • LTE and UMTS
    It has both the GPS + Cellular models
  • Wi-Fi
    802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth 5.0


Watch 4 Case Size

Stainless Steel – 40mm

  • Height: 40mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Depth: 10.7mm
  • Case Weight: 39.8g

Stainless Steel – 44mm

  • Height: 44mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Depth: 10.7mm
  • Case Weight: 47.9g

Aluminum – 40mm

  • Height: 40mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Depth: 10.7mm
  • Case Weight: 30.1g

Aluminum – 44mm

  • Height: 44mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Depth: 10.7mm
  • Case Weight: 36.7g


Apple Watch 4 Memory:

  • has 16GB internal memory.
  • has no card slot.

Apple Watch 4 Camera:

Watch 4 has no Camera

Apple Watch 4 Sound:

It has vibration and ring type alert. It has a loud speaker and no Jack.

Apple Watch 4 Features:

Apple watch 4 is not only redesigned but it has been retransformed. It has following features:

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Water resistant
    50 meters
  • Electrical heart sensor
  • Optical heart sensor
  • Improved accelerometer
    up to 32 g-forces
  • Improved gyroscope
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Capacity 16GB
  • All ceramic and sapphire crystal back

Apple Watch 4 Health Maintenance:

Watch 4 has improved our health and managed risk in following ways:

Apple Watch 4 -ECG on you Wrist:


Apple Watch 4 has an ability to generate ECG that is like single-waved electrocardiogram. By the help of this achievement by Apple we are able to monitor our health more wisely and systematically. It also provides data for the doctors and help him to monitor his heart patient 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Heart patients can have this watch on their wrist and move with the piece of mind any where round the globe. It has proven to be a lifesaving step.

How is ECG generated in Apple Smart Watch 4?

Our finger has a lot of information, Electrodes build in ‘Digital Crown’ and crystal back work together and ECG App determine our heart Electrical Signals. We just have to put our finger on Digital Crown and ECG waveform will be generated in less than 30 seconds. ECG App tell us about that either our heart is beating in an irregular manner i.e. artificial fibrillation or it is beating in a normal way called sinus rhythm. Each heartbeat gives electrical impulse. With the ECG app, Apple Watch Series 4 can read and record these impulses by connecting the circuit between your heart and both arms. The record is automatically saved in you iPhone health App. Many undiagnosable heart issues are detected by Apple Watch 4 and you can contact your doctor timely.

Apple Watch 4 Fall detection:

Fall detection uses a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope to identify when hard falls occur. Apple Watch 4 gives the customer an alert after a fall, which can be used to call the emergency number, or it also can be dismissed. When there is no action in performed with in 60 seconds Apple watch automatically contact emergency numbers and notify them along with your location. It helps to maintain your health and helps to contact emergency timely. It helps us to save from devastating events.


With the help of Apple Watch 4 has become your trainer for the workout and fitness. It generates competitions with other Apple Watch 4 wearers and keep you motivated for the workout. It automatically detects your type of workout and tell the number of calories burned accordingly.

Apple Watch 4 has Improved Connections:

Apple Watch 4 has improved connections with the friends and family with just a tap on your arm. It uses walkie – talkie and watch to watch connections to connect worldwide by using cellular data and Wifi.

Apple Watch 4 Price:

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) starts at $399 (US) and Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) starts at $499, both featuring the updated design and new health features


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