August Smart Lock

Are you worried about losing your keys or tired of carrying them always in your pocket? It’s has always been a problem to carry keys in your pocket or purse. Sometimes, we loss the keys and have to break the lock in order to get into the house. ‘ August Smart Lock ’ has intelligently solved this problem.


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August Smart LocksWhat if I tell you that you do not have to carry keys in your pocket or purse? What if you won’t have fear of losing your keys? And what if you can unlock your door by the use of your smart phone? What if you will be enable to unlock the door with virtual keys in order to allow access to some one for a short period of time? All of the above mentioned things are possible with the help of stunning ‘August Smart Lock’. ‘August Smart Lock’ is convenient to install and reliable to use. You only need a screw driver to install it. And guess what, it is compatible with your old existing locks. You can use it with the old keys as well and do not have to get new set of keys.

You can use virtual keys as well and unlock it from anywhere in the world.

Specifications of the most advanced form of locks- The August Smart Lock:

‘August Smart Lock’ has provided the most advanced for of locking and unlocking your doors. It’s more secure reliable and smart. It’s like providing your doors with smartness and intelligence. ‘August Smart Lock’ comes in two different designs or you can say two different models one of the model is called ‘August Smart Lock’ and other one is ‘August Smart Lock-pro’. Specifications of both the models and comparison between these two is given as follow:


  August Smart Locks‘August Smart Lock Pro’ and Connect August Smart Locks‘August Smart Lock’
Status of Lock It is the most innovative type of Lock. This smart lock is available in the less price


Its compatible with:

ü  Bluetooth

ü  Wi-Fi is available

ü  Apple HomeKit

ü  Z-wave plus

It is compatible with:

ü  Bluetooth

ü  Wi-Fi

Use your Mobile Phone as Key of Lock Yes Yes
Unlock your door Automatically when you come near to it Yes Yes
Lock your door automatically when you are away from door Yes Yes
DoorSense- Tell you about your door is locked or not automatically Yes Yes
Function with Apple HomeKit Yes No
Compatible with Siri Yes No
Compatible with Amazon’s Echo Yes Need ‘August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge’ or ‘August Doorbell Cam Pro’
Function with Alexa Yes Need ‘August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge’ or ‘August Doorbell Cam Pro’
Function under Google Home Yes Need ‘August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge’ or ‘August Doorbell Cam Pro’
Function under Google Assistant Yes Need ‘August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge’ or ‘August Doorbell Cam Pro’
Control your lock from anywhere in the world Yes No
Contain ‘August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge’ Yes No
Supporting ‘Z-Wave Plus’ Yes No
Price 279 US Dollars 149 US Dollars
Availability Round the Globe Round the Globe
Colors Grey and Black Grey and Black
Batteries 4AA batteries 4AA batteries
Weight 0.87lbs 0.87lbs
Warrantee 2 Years Hardware warrantee 1 Year Limited Warrantee
Dimensions 3.4 X 2.22  X 3.4 3.39 X 3.39 X 2.22


Come and have a look at the spectacular features of the astonishing locks:

Shocking features of the ‘August Smart Locks’:

This amazing lock comes with the many adorable features like Smart phone Keys, Access giving, Camera availability, easy installations, works with existing locks, works with app of August, Android and Apple supported and much more. Come and have a detailed glance on them:

Why give keys when you can give Entry with August Smart Lock:

Let’s suppose you have organized a party at your home and you are not at home so far, or you want to receive a parcel but there is no body at home, isn’t that a problem?

Not anymore! You can give access remotely to any one you want. You can give access for some minutes, for a day or permanently. Moreover, it allows you to unlock your door remotely from anywhere in the world. Forget about the classical door locks and keys.August Smart Locks

 Use your smart phone not the Keys with ‘August Smart Lock’:

Have you ever lost your keys? We often loss are keys or misplace them. It’s very hard to carry a bunch of keys in your pocket anywhere you go. Now, with the help of ‘August Smart Lock’ you can use your smart phone as a key to your door. With the help of August App you can use it to lock and unlock your door. It is functional with Android and IOS. It is can be accessed and operated by the help of ‘Siri’, ‘Google Assistant’, ‘Alexa’, and ‘Z-Wave’. Which means now you can lock and unlock your doors with your voice commands. Isn’t that great!!

Access your locks remotely with the help of- August Smart Locks:

Have you ever left the home and have to come all the way back because you forgot to lock your door? Or there are sudden guests and you have to come back home leaving your important tasks incompletely in order to make their entry possible by unlocking your door with keys?

These are very common problems. ‘August Smart Lock’ has removed all these problem completely in a very astonishing way. You can Lock and unlock your door remotely even if you are out of the city. Just one tap on the phone and your door is locked and with the single tap it’s unlocked again.

Moreover, it automatically lock the door when you are not around or forgot to lock the door. It also automatically unlock the door as you approach towards the door.August Smart Locks

‘August Smart Lock’-Easily Installed, Easy to Use and Work with the existing set of Keys:

August Smart Lock requires none of the outsiders to be installed. Anyone can install it by the help of a screw driver only. Moreover, it works with your existing door lock and you have no need to get additional lock and key.August Smart Locks

Monitor the people coming and leaving with ‘August Smart Lock’:


There is a camera on the knob of the door you can look anyone who is coming and leaving. You can give access to anyone by looking at their face through camera with the doorbell. This camera is remotely accessible from anywhere round the globe.August Smart Locks

It’s an easy recommendation to leave the old locking pattern and come to latest locking system.


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