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In our day to day life we come across many problems relating capturing photos and making videos. Lets suppose you are at a concert , a DJ night or a stage show and you want to take pictures and record a video of singers high up the stage, or you are in a marriage ceremony and wants to capture the moments while sitting back peacefully, sometimes you are on an adventure and there is no one to record your venture you want an automatic system, an automatic camera to record your video with the perfect angles on its own. ‘Parrot Bebop Drone’ intelligently provides the solution to all these kinds of problems.


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‘Parrot Bebop Drone’ is a kind of camera that helps to capture the moments of all the important events in your life in a cool way. You just sit back with a remote in your hand and enjoy the scenes on the screen of your smart phone.

What if I tell you that have not to worry about holding your camera in your hand any more. You just tell your camera what to capture and it capture It automatically. Its only possible with the help of ‘Parrot Bebop Drone’.

‘Parrot Bebop Drone’ helps to capture the moving objects automatically. You can capture the places where photography is not physically possible with your camera or mobile phone. It can capture the mountains, the lakes, the oceans and much more. Isn’t that Amazing! Come, Let’s have a glance on all the specifications and stunning features of ‘Parrot Bebop Drone’.

Surprising Specifications of the most incredible airborne camera- The ‘Parrot Bebop Drone’:

‘Parrot Bebop Drone’ has most stunning specifications. Unlike all other ordinary cameras, it has enhanced the level of videography. It has more efficient lenses that capture videos in a unique manner Lets have a look on its technical specifications:

Product type

Parrot Bebop Drone (Solo) Parrot Bebop Drone with Sky Controller
Company Parrot Parrot
Name of Product Parrot Bebop Parrot Bebop
Functional OS Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod
Pack contains 2 batteries, 2 indoor hulls, 4 propellers, USB cable, charger, tools 3 batteries, 4 propellers, USB cable, charger, dock adapter, neck strap, sunshade cover, tools
Power Source Battery Battery
Maximum Speed 29.2 miles per hour 29.2 miles per hour
Maximum Functional Distance 820 feet 1 mile
Memory 8 Gigabytes 8 Gigabytes
Interface USB, Wi-Fi HDMI, RF connectors, USB, Wi-Fi

Resolution of camera

14 Megapixels with fish eye lenses 14 Megapixels with fish eye lenses
Angle of View 180 degrees 180 degrees
Image quality RAW, DNG, JPEG RAW, DNG, JPEG
Video Resolution 1920 X 1080 1920 X 1080
Capturing Frames 30 per sec 30 per sec
Battery Lithium battery of 1200mAh Lithium battery of 1200mAH
Stability Digital Digital
Battery Life 25 mins 25 mins


In addition to these Specifications, we need to have a look at its features as well

Some of the Latest and Spectacular features of this astonishing Drone – “Parrot Bebop Drone”:

Now say good bye to all your bad photos with “Parrot Bebop Drone”!

Parrot has always struggle to make photography better in terms of quality and angles. Let’s explore its different modes and features:


The Parrot Bebop 2 is strong and unfailing. Intended to fly inside and outside, it’s the first easy to use drone that has less than 500 grams of weight. It’s the first drone that have battery life upto 25-minutes battery. It is designed to travel, you can take it anywhere you want and whenever you want. It captures the best moments of your life anytime anywhere.


With the help of the parrot Skycontroller you can fly this drone upto 1.24 miles. You just have to sit on a chair holding a controller and operate it within 1.24 miles of range perfectly with the help of Wi-Fi full control and get high quality pictures and videos on your smart phone.


Parrot bebop drone is easy to control take it upto the sky whenever you want and call it back by pressing a single button. By the help of the joy stick even a child can control this drone precisely. With the help of two joy sticks attached control drone, move it in any direction you want and explore real life mysteries of nature. It’s truly 25 minutes of intense satisfaction.


The name of app that is used to control Parrot Bebop drone is named as “FreeFlight”. It is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Store of iPhone. With only one touch you can fly your drone make videos and photos and share them easily with your friend and family. With the help of smart assistance offered by the app you can have suggestions and take photos in perfect angles and light.

Follow me with ‘Parrot Bebop Drone’- Track you with GPS and Visual Aid:

Follow me is a new paid feature in app “Free Flight pro” it records your videos and capture images automatically by the help of GPS in your phone and visual tracking. You just must tap once and go running, boating, climbing or horse riding. It automatically captures your photos perfectly from most amazing angles.

Let’s discover most amazing modes of Follow me- with Parrot Bebop Drone:

Parrot’s Most Accurate Framing with Visual Recognition mode allows to take pictures from the perfect angles in an automatic way. You just need to tap once and leave all other upto your drone. GPS Horizontal Positioning System helps to keep track of the targeted object. Suppose you are riding a horse, or you are running or climbing a mountain you need tom keep a track of all your adventure to capture each and every moment before it gone forever.

Its not possible to hold the camera continuously while moving. GPS Horizontal Tracking System continuously shoot you when you move it moves with you. By using your cell phone GPS Tracking it comes with you wherever you go. Altimeter vertical tracking keeps a track when you are moving vertically while climbing the tree, a mountain or during a skydive. Parrot Bebop drone remain in air and capture you from the perfect angles:

With the help of Follow-ME you can choose the mode that suits you:

Auto-framing mode of Parrot Bebop Drone:

With the help of auto-framing mode of Parrot Bebop Drone the object is centralized in the middle automatically. It adjusts the frames according to the movements of the objects.

Auto-follow mode:

of Parrot Bebop Drone uses the most advanced technology of capturing the moments. It uses the GPS of your cell phone to keep your record and capture perfectly wherever you go. Be the heart of your photo!!

Perfect Side mode:

This mode enables you to follow the most appropriate side for capturing in always capture the best photos ever.

Climb mode:

Uses barometer data from your phone and stable the Parrot Bebop Drone above you. Provides tracking and safety

Try out Magic Dronies!

It’s a special kind of selfie:
Magic Dronies have 4 types:
Orbit: captures at 360 degrees around target.
Boomerang:  Front and back
Parabola: half-turn above the target.
Zenith: falls and rise vertically
At the last only one tap and it returns home.



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